25 Quick and Easy Faux Locs and Box Braids Hairstyles


So it’s no secret that I haven’t had the best experience with faux locs. I’ve had this protective style in for about two months now and I’m finally able to style it how I want. So I decided to share my favorite signature hairstyles to do on faux locs, box braids or Senegalese twists. It’s easy, it’s simple and most importantly its quick. Here are a list of all the hairstyles I did.

1.) Low Side Ponytail

2.) Top Knot Bun

3.) The Classy Donut Bun

4.) Scary Spice Double Bun

5.) Empress Double Bun

6.) Princess Katniss Plaits

7.) Grecian Goddess Halo

8.) Goddess Headband

9.) Peacock Updo

10.) Side Swoop Pony

11.) Pocahontas Knot

12.) The Sheneneh

12.) Pony Up Half Down

13.) Bun Up Half Down

14.) Unicorn Buns

15.) Mini Princess Crown

16.) Flat Twist Crown

17.) Harley Quinn Pigtails

18.) Lobster Bun

19.) Mama Africa Updo

20.) Jumbo Braids

21.) Jumbo Braid Low Ponytail

22.) Braided Side Crown

23.) Braided Side Ponytail

24.) Pin-up side Ponytail

25.) Pin-up side Headscarf Ponytail

Hope you love all the styles I created. There are so versatile and simple you don’t even need a bobby pin, hair tie or clip to do most of them. You can create so many different variations out of the previous hairstyles you just made and have a lot of fun creating new ones. If you guys want a demonstration on how to create these hairstyles, be sure to check out my YouTube video down below, “25 Quick & Easy Faux Locs, Box Braid & Senegalese Twists.

What’s your favorite protective style to rock in the summer? Have you ever got faux locs installed in your hair? If so, what method did you use and were you able to style it right away? Also, whats your favorite go to style, not I may not have mentioned? 

Post your experiences in the field below and share your knowledge!