8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know !

Hi beauties! Are you the type of girl that lives for insane beauty hacks? Whether it’s DIYs, tips on how to survive school, deal with your period or get rid of body hair, you just feel like you need to know! If you are, then we are totally on the same page. Hacks help make everyone’s lives easier by finding a solution for a problem that you may be facing. Not only are they easy to do, but their usually super duper cheap and consist of stuff that you already have lying around your house. Can you say win-win!

You pretty much can’t go wrong with a hack and since hacks are a necessity in my life, I thought I’d share some of my favorite beauty and life hacks with you, that I think every girl should know. My hacks are easy, inexpensive and most of all, EFFECTIVE! Which means they actually work! I actually use all of these hacks so I hope they help make your life a little bit easier.

Check out my video and learn more about 8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know ! 

1.) No Fan Brush, No Problem Hacked

2.) Smelly Underarms Hacked

3.) Smelly Shoes Hacked 

4.) Eye Make-Up Remover Hacked

5.) Tear in Your Stocking Hacked

6.) Losing Your Headphones Hacked

7.) Deodorant Stain Hacked

8.) Lint Roller (2 in 1) Hacked

Comment down below which hack was your favorite. Let me know what hacks you use that you think every girl should know! Also have you ever tried a hack that didn’t work? If so, Post your experiences in the field below and share your knowledge!