“If It Ain’t Broad Spectrum, It Ain’t Right”

Skin care

I’ve never been the type to care too much about protecting my skin from the sun, simply because of all of the melanin in my skin. But as I continue on this healthy journey through life, I realized that taking care of my health means taking care of my skin as well. And lets be honest, sunscreen is the first step to maintaining a youthful appearance and a more beautiful complexion. So anything that prevents wrinkles, under eye bags and most importantly protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays, I’m sold.

According to the FDA , there are basically two types of UV lights that can harm your skin- UVA and UVB. UVA rays are what causes wrinkles, age spots, leathering and basically prematurely aging of your skin. UVB rays are the main culprit behind sunburn. So they recommend purchasing a broad spectrum, or full spectrum sunscreen that is designed to protect you from both.

All sunscreens are not created equally. Many only protect against UVB, but not UVA so it is very important to make sure your sunscreen is “broad spectrum”, which offers protection from all UV light. Remember too much exposure to sun is the primary cause of skin aging or even worse skin cancer. According to a recent study ,young and middle-aged adults can actually delay the process of aging by up to four and a half years just by regularly using sunscreen! What’s even more amazing is that sunscreen is a cheap alternative to expensive anti-wrinkle creams and it’s super simple to incorporate into any beauty regime.

So slather on that sunscreen ladies and preserve the beauty that is you! Don’t forget to check labels before purchasing your sunscreen and purchase products with SPF 15 or higher. Here are some ingredients to look for with broad-spectrum protection when purchasing your next sunscreen:-

benzophenones (oxybenzone),

cinnamates (octylmethyl cinnamate and cinoxate)



titanium dioxide

zinc oxide

avobenzone (Parsol 1789)

ecamsule (Mexoryl SX)