You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong All Along!


Is There A Wrong Way To Take Care of Your Teeth?

If they say a smile is worth a thousand words, then how much should our teeth be worth? My guess would be a billion words since teeth are pretty much what makes up your smile. And since proper hygiene could be the difference between a messed up grill and shiny pearly whites, it’s imperative that we do it correctly. But is there a wrong way to take care of your teeth? Of course not brushing or flossing is a clear sign, but what if you’ve been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life? I know it’s a bit crazy and I’m not saying what you’ve been doing is not effective, but just try and hear me out.

I’ve never been one to obsess over teeth, well that was until I got my braces taken out sophomore year of high school. I’m not going to lie, it did take some adjusting to once I took it out but after about three years, needless to say a girl was feeling herself. Seeing my teeth so aligned, so white and so perfect made me want to take care of these pearly whites for life. And after frequent visits to the dentist, flossing and brushing after every meal, I thought I was on the right track. That was until I volunteered to get a free teeth cleaning at my Aunt’s school whose practicing to become a dental hygenist. In order to graduate, she had to perform in depth teeth cleaning procedures on real life people and be graded on the process, which is why the school offered free dental cleanings. The examination process included blood pressure screening, oral cancer screening, full periodontal examination, and so much more.

Through this process I’ve learned a lot about how to prevent tooth sensitivity, how to avoid over brushing your teeth, the proper way to floss and most importantly the ideal way to brush your teeth. This ideal method is called the “Modified Bass Brushing Technique”. Here is a diagram explaining how this method is done.

Is there a wrong way to take care of your teeth?

According to my dental hygienist, this method has proven to get rid of more plaque in between your teeth by cleansing the sulcus (space between tooth and gums) and increase the health of your gums by preventing gingivitis. She also stated that it’s better to brush with a soft bristle tooth brush, avoid brushing with excessive force and to brush your teeth no more than twice a day for no longer than two minutes. Excessive over brushing of your teeth in a harsh manner can cause notches in the teeth which can lead to dentin hypersensitivity. Brushing incorrectly can also lead to abrasion of the enamel and recession of the gums. Remember plaque is a soft coating on the teeth, so gentle brushing of your teeth and tongue should be enough to remove plaque from your teeth. Another great tip is to wait a half hour after you eat to brush your teeth, so you won’t brush the acidity from the food you eat onto your teeth. The Colgate Enamel Health site states that this alone increases tooth sensitivity and damage tooth enamel in it’s weakened state.

You've Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong Your Whole Life!

In the end, whether you decide to follow these tips or not, the most important step is to see a dental professional like I did so they can determine the best method for you. I’ve been using the Modified Bass Brushing Technique for a few months now and I must say even though it was hard to adjust to at first, it’s not so bad now.

Always remember you’re in control of your life and the way you brush your teeth. But just like if you want to improve your car, you get a tune up or if you want to loose weight, you eat healthier. You can improve your teeth the same way, with this new technique of brushing your teeth. Check out this video that clearly explains the Modified Bass Brushing method, similar to how I was taught when I got my free teeth cleaning. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on this new technique of brushing your teeth? Is it too complicated or are you willing to try it out?
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