I finally did it! I went through with my big chop. And now I can finally say that I am NAT-U-RALLLl. Cue confetti and fireworks with screaming kids here!

It happened so unbelievably quick that I don’t even think it really hit me yet. But before I get into how I feel now, let’s get into how it got done. How I finally moved from a transitioner to a full blown Naturalista!

So it was really spare of the moment thing how I did my big chop, but trust me it was long overdue. I’ve been wanting to cut the permed ends off my hair for the longest, but the main reason I have been stalling is because I wanted to teach my subscribers everything I knew about transitioning as a “transitioner”. I wanted to connect and relate with my subscribers as much as possible. Give them content that will not only help them be comfortable while transitioning, but help give them tips, tricks and products that I helped me. I always felt like there was so much information about natural hair, but not that much regarding transitioning hair. So I thought I would do my own research and help transitioners like me that didn’t want to do the big chop for whatever reason. So this was like my comfort zone. It was what I knew and I wasn’t sure when I would be ready to switch over. But then it dawned on me. I realized I was fed up with my hair and it felt like I was doing more harm them good. It was harder to detangle and was breaking like crazy. When I tried new products and experimented with different hairstyles, it took longer to do and made editing my YouTube videos a headache. Some of my remedies that I tried before wasn’t working long term and it made me neglect my hair even more. I would have it in two braids or a bun for weeks, just not wanting to bother with it. And then it dawned on me. I think I’m ready to do my big chop.

See I’ve been transitioning to natural for almost 3 years, which is probably long for the average transitioner. Check out my natural hair journey post, if you guys are interested in seeing my journey to natural hair from beginning to end. It basically explains how this natural hair journey started for me and why I made the decision to go natural. It was a devastating time in my life, but transitioning to natural gave me hope that my hair wasn’t damaged goods and could be saved with the proper care.

So in this video I made a promise to my subscribers that I would do a big chop at the end of 2017 and I wanted to honor that promise. So as soon a December hit, I made a commitment to myself that I would cut my hair. After talking to my boyfriend about it, his exact words were, “I can do it!”. I never laughed so loud, thinking he would be laughing with me, but he was serious. And even though I was skeptical about it, he said it would be fun and I agreed. Honestly at this point I didn’t care who did my big chop, I just wanted to let these permed ends go. And when I finally did and that comb glided through my hair honey, I felt the biggest smile creep up on my face. I honestly thought I would be more emotional about the whole thing. But I realized I was detached from my hair a long time ago. Probably when this journey began. So above all I felt free of the dead weight, “literally” and am now looking forward to growing a healthy new head of hair.                                Even though I always felt like a big chop should be a personal moment, having my boyfriend do my big chop didn’t lose the momentum. I think it’s because he’s been with me throughout my whole struggle journey and has been my biggest supporter in any decision I make regarding my hair. He’s the reason behind a lot of my success and now he’s the reason I’m 100% natural. I couldn’t be happier to join the natural hair community and slay with you guys. I think he did a great job, but how about you be the judge. Check out, “My Boyfriend Does my Big Chop”, video down below and let me know how you think he did? Also let me know if you think I should cut my hair shorter or leave it at the length it is.

Remember everyone’s big chop is different, it’s not necessarily the amount of hair you cut off, but more about getting rid of all the damaged and unhealthy hair that is no longer serving you.

What made you start your journey to natural hair? Are you currently transitioning to natural or did you do the big chop? If you did the big chop, how did you feel afterwards? Did you like the outcome or did it take you a while to adjust? How did other people react to your decision? Also, what advice would you give girls that are apprehensive about going natural or just starting their natural hair journey?

Post your advice and experiences in the field below. Don’t be stingy, share your knowledge!