My Story

Ok, so I started my natural hair journey for one reason and one reason only. And that’s because my hair fell out! It was 2014 and on one bright sunny day in Pennsylvania, I really needed to get my hair done. I mean, I was going on like three weeks of not washing my hair and it was extremely oily and heavy, so I ended up going to a different hair dresser. This was a pretty big deal for me. Why you ask? Well, simply because I only go to three different hair dressers in the world and I go to them for three different reasons.

1.) The first one I go to is because the beautician there knows how to cut hair tremendously well.

2.) The second one I go to when my hair is damaged and is in need of some tender, love and care.

3.) The third one I go to is because the beautician does amazing blow outs, and I’ve been going to her since the first time I got a perm.

One thing you should know about me is I don’t travel far distances for a lot of things, but for my hair I was willing to go to Mars if you did hair well. I’m sure I’m not the only one! So after sticking to these three beauticians for the past few years, I ended up betraying them by going to this new beautician in a whole new state to get a plain old wash and set. The most simplest of styles. And what do you know, by the time I took my hair out of the wrap the following day, I noticed that parts of my hair broke off in chunks. Not the whole thing thankfully, but parts of the right side and in the middle of my head (pictures below). I was devastated. This devastation kick-started my natural hair journey and my hunger for hair knowledge.

Heat Was My Enemy

I could no longer do my signature hairstyles, such as ponytails or buns without my hair sticking out at the side like a little tree stub. No amount of gel or edge control would keep it down either, so I continued to panic. I wanted to sue them for all the pain they caused me but instead I went to my beautician that has been working with my hair for years and when she saw my hair, she was shocked. Her response in her strong Dominican accent was,

“Oh no, mami, wah happened?”

“Who did this to you?”

After I told her what happened, she explained to me that it broke off because of heat damage. I specifically remembered that the hair dresser in P.A did blow dry and flat iron my hair after coming from underneath the dryer. However, even though I thought my hair didn’t need all of that heat, I didn’t think my hair falling out would be the result.

So I asked her how I could fix it and she told me to use no heat. No heat? I thought to myself. My whole hair life revolved around heat. That same day I took matters into my own hands and started doing research, which brought me to watching YouTube videos. And low and behold, after all the research I have done and videos I have watched kept saying use no heat, go natural and your hair will flourish faster.  I so desperately wanted my hair to grow back and avoid any more breakage that I gave up perming my hair and using heat that same day. That meant no more wash n sets, flat irons, blow dryers, wand irons and wave irons. I was up for the challenge. My hairstyles now consisted of a plethora of heat-free styling such as co-washing, braids, twist outs, buns and braid outs religiously. And this is what started my natural hair journey.


Honestly, if my hair didn’t break off I probably wouldn’t have started this journey. I was completely happy with getting wash n sets, and putting my hair in ponytails and buns and forgetting about it. However, I am grateful for what this process has taught me not only about my hair, but about myself. Things like patience and consistency, were things I definitely needed to work on if I wanted to keep this hair on my head. But most importantly how to achieve and maintain healthy hair. That was and will always be more important to me than length. With that being said here is a video of my natural hair journey starting from when I was born all the way until now! I hope that this video is able to give you hope if you are beginning your natural hair journey and if you are thinking about beginning your hair journey, this gives you motivation. If you ever have any questions please leave a comment below or contact me on my social media because I’m rooting you on & I am here to support you! Let’s embark on our natural hair journey together. Love you for watching! XO Bella

Have you started your natural hair journey already? If so, what made you want to go natural and what problems have you faced on your journey to natural hair? 

Post your experiences in the field below and share your knowledge!