Stomach Flu Besties: BRAT & GROC

Stomach Flu Besties: BRAT & GROC

The Stomach flu is never a easy situation to deal with. Especially when it creeps up on you when you least expect it. Like at a concert, a family event or even while on a date. This pesky bug is so unpredictable, but when we feel that nauseous feeling in our stomach we know it has arrived. Recently I got in my own fight with the stomach flu and it did not end pretty. One minute I’m feeling energized after completing a 3-hour long workout and the next thing I know I’m vomiting my dinner in the toilet. I’ll spare you guys the nasty details and just share these clever tips I managed to find during my minor set back. It’s called “BRAT” and it represents five foods you could eat safely after a stomach flu:-

Bananas:- Bananas are bland and easy on the stomach. They help restore the potassium you lose during diarrhea and also provide a good amount of manganese, fiber and vitamins B-6 and C. Fruits Info states that the high level of potassium in bananas also helps to replace electrolytes, absorb liquid in the intestines and move stool along during diarrhea.

Rice:- Plain white rice acts as a binding food and makes your stool more solid.

Applesauce:- As bland as applesauce is, it has natural sugars and added sweetness. It is also easy to tolerate and digest. Overall applesauce helps keep your stomach settled while adding a little flavor to your mouth.

Toast/Tea:- Bread by far is one of the blandest things you can eat. It is also a good source of carbohydrates that is easy to digest on an upset stomach. Avoid putting butter or jelly because the added condiments could upset your stomach even more. Tea on the other hand is a good way to settle your stomach, keep you hydrated and kill the gas that builds up in your stomach after throwing up.


According to a recent study, these foods are mild and low in fiber so it won’t irritate your intestines and will help firm up your stool. I thought this BRAT idea was so clever. It reminded me of when I was in middle school and my teachers used to create clever ways to help us remember formulas like PEMDAS or Every Good Boy Does Fine to remember music notes. I was so impressed by this BRAT idea that I decided to make my own acronym on how to deal with the stomach flu on the day you’re going through it. It’s called “GROC” and it represents the four tips you could use to fight off a toxic stomach flu meltdown:-brat-blog-post

Ginger Ale/Gatorade:- Ginger ale helps you feel less nauseated while throwing up and Gatorade contains essential electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your throw up sessions.

Rubbing Alcohol:- not to drink but to rub all over your chest and inhale to calm you down through your throw up process.

Oils (scented):-great to inhale the scent of a sweet smelling oil to help relax you and free your nose of that awful throw up or diarrhea smell. I recommend peppermint or lavender.

Chicken Broth/Crackers:- chicken broth brings flavor back to your mouth while keeping you hydrated and crackers help firm up your stool.

Best advice I can give you during a stomach flu, is to just, “Let it Go” and drink lots of fluids. The sooner you let it out, the better you’ll feel. I noticed I didn’t see many studies that recommended water while recovering from the stomach flu. I guess because it doesn’t contain any of the essential electrolytes the body needs to replace after vomiting. However, it helped keep me hydrated through my stomach flu, so I guess to each it’s own. But not to worry, with BRAT & GROC by your side, you won’t have to fight this bug alone.

How do you recover from an upset stomach? Do you have any weird tips, foods or remedies that help ease the pain during or after your stomach flu subsides?
Post your experiences in the field below and share your knowledge!