Top Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Whether you do the big or mini chop, transitioning to natural is not an easy task. I for one know it’s a challenge transitioning over to something that’s new and difficult. My hair drove me absolutely crazy and it still does until this day. I was so frustrated at times when my hair wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do it or when I wanted it took look cute for a certain event and it just wasn’t acting right. Trust me I had numerous weak moments, in which I wanted to straighten and perm it. But my desire to achieve healthy hair was much greater than my frustration. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but the more I experimented and found out what was right for me, the more confidence and tolerance I gained for doing my hair. And as a result my hairstyles have started to come out a lot better, instead of in chunks.

Since I plan on doing the mini chop later this year, I wanted to share with you all the tips and tricks on how to transition your hair to natural without doing the big chop. I’ve been transitioning for quite some time now and this month (January 2017) will officially be my two year anniversary. And I must say it hasn’t been the easiest two years of my life but I am grateful for what this process has taught me not only about my hair, but about myself. Things like patience and consistency, were things I definitely needed to work on if I wanted to keep this hair on my But most importantly how to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

To see my full #HealthyHairJourney | #NaturalHairJourney, check out My Natural Hair Journey post. I explain more in depth about why I started my journey to natural hair and where I am today. After two years of not getting a perm, trying to treat my hair better and months of not using any heat on my hair, I gathered a few tips that I wish I knew before starting my hair journey. These tips have helped made my transition a whole lot easier. So if you’re just getting started on your natural hair journey and need a little bit more guidance on how to do it successfully, these tips are for you. Here are my Top 12 Tips For Transitioning to Natural!

Are you transitioning to natural or thinking about starting a natural hair journey? If so, what made you want to begin this journey to natural hair? What has been the hardest and easiest part of your hair journey?

Post your experiences in the field below and share your knowledge!